Detailing Service FAQs

Below are many of the common and frequent questions I get asked about my services.  This FAQ list will continually grow, so be sure to check back.  And if you don't see an answer to what you're looking for, be sure to contact me by clicking here!

Do you provide mobile detailing services?
Yes!  For about 90% of the services I offer, I can offer as a mobile service as well within the Los Angeles area!  Depending upon your location, a travel fee may apply.

Do you need access to power and water?
Yes.  When I arrive at your location, I will need access to water (garden hose spigot) and an electrical outlet.

What should I expect during our appointment?
When I arrive, I will go do a pre-inspection with you to go over your vehicle and to see if there are any specific areas of concern.  Once I have your authorization, I will begin my work.  I usually like to give a 30 minutes courtesy contact to let you know that I will be finishing soon.  I will then do a post-inspection with you to make sure that the work is to your satisfaction and within the standard operating procedures for the selected service.  I will collect payment and give any post care advice or answer questions you may have on post service products and care.  I will also ask to schedule any follow-up or near future appointments to keep your vehicle on a well maintained schedule.

Is there anything you recommend to be done before the appointment?
Yes.  I would clear out any personal belongings from the interior of the vehicle. Anything inside will either be bagged or known trash will be thrown out.  For mobile services, if there are any known water restrictions, or other local ordinances, please let me know so I am able to plan for any alternative cleaning methods that may be taken.

What forms of payment do you take?
I take cash (but I carry a limited amount of change with me), and all major credit cards.

Can you just do a wash?
Unlike most of the "detailers" in the Los Angeles area, I do not have a "wash only" service, and this falls in line with making sure the vehicle leaves with more protection then when I started with it.  Also, in ensuring that I'm always adding protection to the vehicle, and adding lubrication during the drying process to minimize the chances of inflicting defects to the vehicle, at the very least I will be using a spray sealant (typically CarPro Reload or Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal).  This would automatically push the service into a "wash and seal" type of service and thus automatically turn it into a detailing service versus a wash service.

Do you still use wax?
Only on rare occasions on specialty show vehicles.  The reason is because in our Southern California climate, natural waxes simply don't survive on a vehicle for any worthwhile duration of time.  I respect your time and hard earned money, and while offering a wax service on a more frequent basis COULD drive higher frequency of service, but having a product that would only last 2-4 weeks or whenever it gets remotely warm, whichever comes first worth of protection.  Natural carnauba wax will start liquifying around 140 degrees and is totally cooked off by 170 degrees surface temperature, which is easily achievable on a dark colored vehicle in the sun on a 85 degree day within a few hours.  Also, with my personal hand selected paste waxes I use, the service would cost the same, if not more than using a synthetic or ceramic based sealant.