About Us

Hi.  My name is Dean Chen, President and Master Detailer of Dean Details.  I want to thank you for visiting my web store.  I am a multi-concours winning detailer based out of Los Angeles.  I have been detailing for over 20 years and professionally for over 5 years as of this writing.  

The products I have listed are a curation of items I have used, tested, vetted, and am now offering for the general public.  I don't sell every product from every brand.  Only those that I use on a professional basis to get the job done and done right.  I have also listed items based on customer requests that are perfect and easy to use for beginners, enthusiasts, and pros alike to get great results!

I also offer detailing services by appointment in the Los Angeles area.  Yes, I understand that there are many detailers to choose from.  What separates me from them?  I am a Certified Detailer and member of the International Detailing Association, life-long automotive enthusiast, and I take great pride in what I do and how I do it.  Most detailers in the area really are no more than mobile car washers sticking "detailer" as a title to their name and really don't have much in the way of training, product knowledge, or even general chemistry knowledge of what they are working with.  It is unfortunate, as it dilutes the title of "Detailer" or "Master Detailer" that many of us, myself included have worked so hard to achieve.  If you're looking for the best deal in town, you may want to look elsewhere.  If you want the job done right, please feel free to contact me.

Happy Detailing,

Dean Chen, IDA-CD
President/Master Detailer, Dean Details