CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer


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Product Description
CarPro Essence will perfect and fill in imperfections, all while priming the surface for Cquartz or Reload! Essence features a unique blend of nano-tech quartz, high gloss durable resins, and fine abrasives. These are all blended together in one amazing formula that allows you to enhance gloss and protect the paint all in one step! That means in less time you can remove swirls, fill in imperfections, enhance gloss, leave behind protection and prime your paint for a coating application. That's right, the cQuartz will bond to the Essence, making it the perfect product to use before applying your coating. Essence works great when applied with a rotary or DA polisher, or by hand if that is your preference. If you are looking to apply a coating, save valuable time while getting the most out of your paint by using the CarPro Essence first!

Dean's Notes
CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer is probably one of my favorite and most used product in my detailing arsenal.  Originally designed as a primer for ceramic coating installations, it's uses go beyond as just a coating primer.  I use it as an AIO, finishing polish, sealant, and of course a ceramic coating primer.  As a stand-alone AIO, it has impressive light correction capabilities (especially when teamed up with a Meguiar's microfiber cutting pad) and leaves behind a SIO2 (one of the base chemicals for ceramic coatings) based protection.  Officially, the manufacture states approximately 3 months of protection as a stand-alone product, but I have seen it last up to about 7 months without degradation.  It works as an excellent finishing or jeweling polish, especially on super soft finicky paint (et. al. Tesla, Porsche, new GM blacks), being able to finish out on those paints without a hint of haze left behind.  And with the amount of ceramic coating jobs I perform, I would be working a lot harder to ensure I have a good covalent bond of the new coating with your vehicle's surface if it wasn't for a product like CarPro Essence.  This is one of those "detailer's secrets" type of product that doesn't get too much hype, but just does such a damn good job at everything I've asked it to do.

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